Paganini / Noferini / D'Antonio

Paganini / Noferini / D'Antonio: Opere Per Violino E Chitarra

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Product Type: CD

Title: Opere Per Violino E Chitarra
Label: Tactus Records

From the brilliant and impetuous personality of one of the most emblematic musicians of history, Roberto Noferini [former performer of the world premiere recording of the 24 capricci on historical violin: Tactus TC781690] on violin, and Donato D'Antonio on guitar, here present a chamber music program that highlights all the passion that bound Paganini to these two instruments. The composer's skill in using the technical and expressive characteristics of the violin and guitar gives space for great virtuosities that reach the physical limits of the instrument and the performer, without ever betraying that operatic and theatrical feeling that will become increasingly dominant with the inexorable rise of melodrama and "belcanto".

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