Pain of Salvation

Pain of Salvation: The Perfect Element Pt. 1 (Anniversary Mix 2020)

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Product Type: CD

Title: The Perfect Element Pt. 1 (Anniversary Mix 2020)
Label: Uk Century Media Rec

In 2020, Pain of Salvation have already shattered expectations with the release of their latest studio album Panther, but the Swedish progressive metal/rock innovators aren't quite finished yet! To celebrate the 20th anniversary of it's original release, the third Pain of Salvation album, The Perfect Element, Pt. I, is to be resurrected in completely remixed and remastered form, with the title The Perfect Element, Pt. I (Anniversary Mix 2020). Following on from the widely praised remix of classic PoS album Remedy Lane in 2016, the new version of The Perfect Element, Pt. I promises to repeat the trick with this perennially revered fan favorite full-length.

1.1 Used (Anniversary Mix 2020)
1.2 In the Flesh (Anniversary Mix 2020)
1.3 Ashes (Anniversary Mix 2020)
1.4 Morning on Earth (Anniversary Mix 2020)
1.5 Idioglossia (Anniversary Mix 2020)
1.6 Her Voices (Anniversary Mix 2020)
1.7 Dedication (Anniversary Mix 2020)
1.8 King of Loss (Anniversary Mix 2020)
1.9 Reconciliation (Anniversary Mix 2020)
1.10 Song for the Innocent (Anniversary Mix 2020)
1.11 Falling (Anniversary Mix 2020)
1.12 The Perfect Element (Anniversary Mix 2020)
1.13 Epilogue (Anniversary Mix 2020)
2.1 Used (Live 2018)
2.2 Ashes (Live 2017)
2.3 Falling (Live 2018)
2.4 The Perfect Element (Live 2018)
2.5 Her Voices (and only that)
2.6 Absolute Kromata
2.7 Ashes [your language here]

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