Pampers: Pampers

Pampers: Pampers
Title: Pampers
Label: In the Red Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. 2013 debut album from the Brooklyn-based band. Pampers are a four-piece - two guitars, bass and drums, plus echo-laden vocals - and there's a post-modern art-punk angle afoot here, yet the band's relentless, breakneck tempos and all-out aggression tilt more punk than art. Self-described as Thug Pop, the band's sound is a brutal, psyched-out pummeling with hooks fighting to be heard beneath the din. It's certainly more thug than pop. Produced by Ben Greenberg of the Men, Pampers' twelve tracks explode with opener 'Eruptions' and don't let up until 'Head Bag' fizzles out in a whirl of guitar noise and equipment buzz. Everything in between is a cavernous whomp of mongoloid vox, primitive drumming and a cloud of warped sonics swirling above the rock 'n' roll thud.

1.1 Eruptions
1.2 Not
1.3 T.H.T.F
1.4 Edge of Knife
1.5 Monkey Drip
1.6 Sack Attack
1.7 The Wigga
1.8 Purple Brain
1.9 Shot
1.10 Night Brunch
1.11 Rat Hole
1.12 Head Bag

Pampers: Pampers

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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