Panic Lift: End Process

Panic Lift: End Process
Title: End Process
Label: Metropolis Records

Panic Lift has carved it's niche in the dark electronic music scene with a blend of hard industrial, elements of Synth-pop, Dance, and Rock. The new album, End Process sees Panic Lift evolved and more matured than ever. End Process feels as the vision and unique voice found in the previous album Skeleton Key has been fully fleshed out, a darker, more concussive, focused work of art from Panic Lift

1.1 Meat for the Queen
1.2 Too Late for Healing
1.3 Street Lights
1.4 Savages
1.5 Let You Down
1.6 Life Cycle
1.7 Audrey's Light
1.8 The Gift
1.9 Drown
1.10 The Silent War

Panic Lift: End Process

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