Pansy Division: That's So Gay

Pansy Division: That&
Title: That's So Gay
Label: Alternative Tentacle

2009 release from the Gay Alt-Rock band. With Rick Warren and Proposition 8 making recent headlines, many probably thought, "Pansy Division, we need you!!" Worry not, friends: they're back with That's So Gay, their first new album in six years. Featuring a newish lineup bolstered by former Mr. T Experience bassist (and token hetero) Joel Reader on lead guitar, they've given their Undertones/Buzzcocks-inspired Pop Punk/Power Pop a few fresh twists. 14 tracks.

1.1 Twinkie Twinkie Little Star
1.2 Average Men (Feat. Jello Biafra)
1.3 Ride Baby
1.4 Some of My Best Friends
1.5 That's So Gay
1.6 Obsessed with Me
1.7 20 Years of Cock
1.8 What's in It for Me?
1.9 You'll See Them Again
1.10 Dirty Young Man
1.11 It's Just a Job
1.12 Pat Me on the Ass
1.13 Never You Mind
1.14 Life Lovers

Pansy Division: That's So Gay

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