Pantokrator: Marching Out of Babylon

Pantokrator: Marching Out of Babylon
Title: Marching Out of Babylon
Label: Nordic Mission

Swedish death metal veterans Pantokrator finally grant us their fourth studio album after six long years of writing, riffing and perfecting. Pantokrator embodies their moniker by reigning miles above the likes of their metallic peers melding aggression, technique, and musical prowess. With calm, serene and ethereal instrumentation clashing with their proclivity to punish the listener with moments of backbending, spine-shredding brutality."A new world is born as the old one dies; not by flood, but by burning skies."

1.1 Day of Wrath
1.2 Wedlock
1.3 Crossroads
1.4 Marching Out of Babylon
1.5 The Last Cheek
1.6 Hidden Deep
1.7 We the People
1.8 Phoenix Rising

Pantokrator: Marching Out of Babylon

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