Hera Hyesang Park: I Am Hera

Hera Hyesang Park: I Am Hera
Title: I Am Hera
Label: Deutsche Grammophon

The album "I Am Hera" is the debut album from recently signed Deutsche Grammophon artist Hera Hyesang Park. Describing herself as a nomad and free spirit, Park is determined to follow her own path as she travels the world, challenging cultural, racial and gender stereotypes along the way. Her fascination with the issue of personal identity is determining the choice of repertoire for her first album. She hopes this musical self-portrait will speak to a wide audience.

1.1 Qual Vita È Questa Mai
1.2 Che Fiero Momento
1.3 Stizzoso Mio Stizzoso
1.4 Se Pietà Di Me Non Senti
1.5 Giunse Alfin Il Momento
1.6 Deh Vieni Non Tardar
1.7 Una Voce Poco Fa
1.8 Quando Avran Fine Omai
1.9 Padre, Germani, Addio!
1.10 Vedrai, Carino
1.11 Ach, Ich FÜHL's, Es Ist Verschwunden
1.12 Non Si DÀ Follia Maggiore
1.13 Eccomi in Lieta Vesta
1.14 Oh! Quante Volte Ti Chiedo
1.15 Quando M'en Vo Soletta
1.16 O Mio Babbino Caro
1.17 Like the Wind That
1.18 Met with Lotus
1.19 Psalm 23

Hera Hyesang Park: I Am Hera

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