Parson Jones

Parson Jones: Clear As Day

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Artist: Parson Jones

Artist: Parson Jones
Title: Clear As Day
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. 2019 release. The band Parson Jones is singer-songwriter Joshua Hollenstein and multi-instrumentalist and producer Kerry Fogarty. On their debut single for the French label Underdog Records, the duo was singing non-standard rhymes. One could hear a mixture of soul and psychedelic pop, a meeting between OutKast and Grizzly Bear, groovy and hippie. Without demonstration of style, Parson Jones thus envisages the music which make the buttocks dance and the brain meditate. Inspired by Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, Curtis Mayfield, Al Green and Creedence Clearwater revival; it does not matter if the dressing is funk, rock, pop, soul, psychedelic, if the tone is euphoric or melancholic: it's the great and beautiful score of timeless pop music played by Parson Jones.

1.1 Clear As Day
1.2 Ready to Go
1.3 Shut in
1.4 Make and Model
1.5 Dead to Rights
1.6 On One
1.7 Know Motive
1.8 End Credits
1.9 Ghost Town
1.10 Human Mistakes

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