Parts & Labor

Parts & Labor: Stay Afraid

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Parts & Labor

Title: Stay Afraid
Label: Jagjaguwar

This Brooklyn trio combines tumultuous noise with enormous, triumphant melodies. Malfunctioning electronics howl in agony, drums rupture like fireworks, battle cries are belted through a monolithic layer of distorted bass and guitar. P&L revel in day-glo noise, charred drones, punk velocity, and Phoenix-like hooks; a unique blast influenced by the clamor of Husker Du, the bluster of Boredoms, and the homemade spirituals of Neutral Milk Hotel. This is a pop record that yowls like noise, and a noise record that captivates like pop.

1.1 A Great Divide
1.2 Drastic Measures
1.3 A Pleasant Stay
1.4 New Buildings
1.5 Death
1.6 Timeline
1.7 Repair
1.8 Stay Afraid
1.9 Springtime Hibernation
1.10 Changing of the Guard

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