Patterson Hood

Patterson Hood: Heat Lightning Rumbles in the Distance

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Patterson Hood

Title: Heat Lightning Rumbles in the Distance
Label: Ato Records

The songs which comprise HEAT LIGHTNING RUMBLES IN THE DISTANCE were originally conceived as part of a novel written on the road while touring with Hoods band Drive-By-Truckers. While the book eventually fell by the wayside, the songs kept going. Featuring twelve new compositions from one of America's most talented songwriters and storytellers, the album is co-produced by Hood and longtime collaborator David Barbe.

1.1 12:01
1.2 Leaving Time
1.3 Disappear
1.4 Better Off Without
1.5 (Untold Pretties)
1.6 After the Damage
1.7 Better Than the Truth
1.8 Betty Ford
1.9 Depression Era
1.10 Heat Lightening Rumbles in the Distance
1.11 Come Back Little Star
1.12 Fifteen Days (Leaving Time Again)

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