Patti Smith: The Coral Sea

Patti Smith: The Coral Sea
Title: The Coral Sea
Label: Pask Records

Legendary artist Patti Smith and My Bloody Valentine's Kevin Shields are set to release a double-disc set of their live performance of THE CORAL SEA. THE CORAL SEA is Patti Smith's posthumous homage to her friend and photographer Robert Mapplethorpe and the title to her 1997 book. Kevin Shields accompanies her on guitars and effects and creates a haunting backdrop to the spoken prose. The 'love recordings' were made June 22nd 2005 and September 12th 2006 at sold-out performances ath the QEH in London. The set runs almost two hours with a different stylistic approach to each performance.

1.1 The Coral Sea
2.1 The Coral Sea
1.3 [Untitled] [Live]
1.4 [Untitled] [Live]
1.5 [Untitled] [Live]
1.6 [Untitled] [Live]
2.2 [Untitled] [Live]
2.3 [Untitled] [Live]
2.4 [Untitled] [Live]

Patti Smith: The Coral Sea

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