Paul Beaubrun: Ayibobo

Paul Beaubrun: Ayibobo
Title: Ayibobo
Label: Ropeadope

2018 release. Paul Beaubrun grew up immersed in music; his family formed Boukman Eksperyans, a mizik rasin band from Port-au-Prince. The band name is derived from Dutty Boukman, who is credited as the starting point for the Haitian Revolution in 1791, and from the English word 'Experience', which is a direct reference to Jimi Hendrix. The family was forever tied to the political upheaval in Haiti, and though they were forced in exile and subsequently returned to Haiti, they ultimately evolved to find a nonpartisan stance that reflected the people, rather than a political ideology or leader. And now, Paul Beaubrun brings his perspective and carries the music back out to the world with ease - collaborating at every turn to learn new things, but also to connect through love and music. His positive view of humanity as a shining light is infectious, we all know it to be true despite the pain of history. We all need to believe, and Paul is a great ambassador of our hopes and dreams. Paul Beaubrun knows these things - he seeks to conquer the world with gentleness, with music. There is little need to dissect the message or the music - it is simple and it is indisputable. This is a human carrying the message of peace and beauty. The best way to describe this wondrous process is with the word Blessings - which is naturally the title of Paul's album - Ayibobo

1.1 Naissance
1.2 Ayibobo
1.3 Why Dont You Love Me
1.4 Love Sick
1.5 Ezili
1.6 Manman
1.7 Remember
1.8 Marasa Elou
1.9 Rise Up
1.10 Ouve Zorey
1.11 Rise Up - Acoustic

Paul Beaubrun: Ayibobo

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