Paul Haig

Paul Haig: Coincidence Vs Fate

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Paul Haig

Artist: Paul Haig
Title: Coincidence Vs Fate

LTM are proud to announce two long overdue CD reissues by Paul Haig the enigmatic pop moodist who made his name with Postcard label art-punk legends Josef K. Originally released in 1991 Coincidence Vs Fate was Paul's fourth solo album & ranks among his best & most adventurous work. Variously produced by US dance luminaries Curtis Mantronik & Lil' Louis as well as British production team the Chimes the material veers from chilled dance (Flight X) to slinky fidget Latin.

1.1 I Believe in You
1.2 Flight X
1.3 Born Innocence
1.4 My Kind
1.5 Si Senorita
1.6 Right on Line
1.7 Out of Mind
1.8 Surrender
1.9 Stop and Stare
1.10 Coincidence Vs. Fate
1.11 Dub Organiser
1.12 The Originator
1.13 1959
1.14 Flight X (Long Flight Mix)
1.15 I Believe in You (Mix)

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