Paul Kelly

Paul Kelly: Songs from the South 1 & 2: Greatest Hits

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Paul Kelly

Title: Songs from the South 1 & 2: Greatest Hits
Label: Universal Import

Limited edition two CD set from the Australian singer/songwriter compiling his original seven-times platinum Songs from the South compilation with the recently released second volume. This double disc set contains 40 songs spanning his entire career, all packaged beautifully in a double CD cardboard softpack and slipcase. Disc One includes his early hits up through the late '90s. Disc Two delves into Paul's catalog from 1998-2008 including acclaimed albums such as Words And Music, Nothing But a Dream, Ways & Means and Stolen Apples as well as some of his more interesting collaborative efforts such as Stardust Five and Professor Ratbaggy of particular interest to long-time fans will be the crowd favorite 'Every Fucking City' from the long-deleted Roll on Summer EP as well as two tracks previously unreleased on CD, Gawd Aggie.

1.1 From St. Kilda to Kings Cross
1.2 Leaps and Bounds
1.3 Before Too Long
1.4 Darling It Hurts
1.5 Look So Fine, Feel So Low
1.6 Dumb Things
1.7 To Her Door
1.8 Bradman
1.9 Everything's Turning to White
1.10 Sweet Guy
1.11 Careless
1.12 Wintercoat
1.13 From Little Things Big Things Grow
1.14 When I First Met Your Ma
1.15 Pouring Petrol on a Burning Man
1.16 Love Never Runs on Time
1.17 Song from the Sixteenth Floor
1.18 Deeper Water
1.19 Give in to My Love
1.20 How to Make Gravy
1.21 Nothing on My Mind
1.22 I'll Be Your Lover
1.23 Love Letter
1.24 Our Sunshine
1.25 Gathering Storm
1.26 Every Fucking City
1.27 Be Careful What You Pray for
1.28 Love Is the Law
1.29 If I Could Start Today Again
1.30 The Oldest Story in the Book
1.31 Won't You Come Around
1.32 Gunnamatta
1.33 Your Lovin' Is on My Mind
1.34 Song of the Old Rake
1.35 They Thought I Was Asleep
1.36 Everybody Loves You Baby
1.37 God Told Me to
1.38 You're 39, You're Beautiful and You're Mine
1.39 Thoughts in the Middle of the Night
1.40 Shane Warne

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