Paul Roland

Paul Roland: Werewolf of London

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Paul Roland

Artist: Paul Roland
Title: Werewolf of London

One of the most sought after cult indie albums of the 1980s will be released for the first time on CD featuring unreleased and re-touched tracks.

1.1 Blades of Battenburg
1.2 Brain Police
1.3 The Ghoul
1.4 Flying Ace
1.5 The Puppet Master
1.6 The Cars That Ate New York
1.7 Public Enemy
1.8 Werewolves of London
1.9 Dr Strange
1.10 Lon Chaney
1.11 Mad Elaine
1.12 Sword and Sorcery
1.13 The Old Dark House
1.14 Angel
1.15 Cavalier
1.16 Jack Daniels

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