Paul Williams

Paul Williams: Here Comes Inspiration

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Artist: Paul Williams

Artist: Paul Williams
Title: Here Comes Inspiration

Another Williams-penned song that became a Carpenters smash Rainy Days and Mondays can be found right here. This charting LP from '74 also includes Driftwood; You and Me Against the World; If We Could Still Be Friends; You Know Me; What Would They Say, and more of Paul's most deeply affecting songs. East Central One.

1.1 Nilson Sings Newman
1.2 You and Me Against the World
1.3 You Know Me
1.4 Born to Fly
1.5 That's What Friends Are for
1.6 Rainy Days Ans Monday
1.7 Inspiration
1.8 If We Could Still Be Friends
1.9 What Wound They Say
1.10 Driftwood
1.11 In the Beginnig
1.12 Dream Away

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