Pavlov's Dog

Pavlov's Dog: Live and Unleashed

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Pavlov's Dog

Title: Live and Unleashed
Label: Rockville Music

Live album from the American Prog Rock band, taped in 2009. This release captures the unique spirit of a Pavlov's Dog show authentically. The seven piece live lineup generates the typical Pavlov's Dog sound. Some arrangements are quite different to the studio versions, and overall the band are more heavy live. Live & Unleashed contains not only tracks off of each Pavlov's Dog studio album, but it also features 'Heart of Mine' (a track originally by Hi-Fi, Surkamp's band in the '80's together with Ian Matthews), and two tracks from Surkamp's 2006 solo album Dancing on the Edge of a Teacup.

1.1 Preludin
1.2 Of Once and Future Kings
1.3 Breaking Ice (Intro: Dedication to Sigfried Carver V2009)
1.4 I Don't Need Magic Anymore
1.5 Heat of Mine
1.6 Late November
1.7 Not By My Side
1.8 Theme from Subway Sue
1.9 Episode
1.10 I Love You Still
1.11 Gold Nuggets
1.12 Looking for My Shadow
1.13 Wrong
1.14 Standing Here with You (Megan's Song)
1.15 Angeline
1.16 Angel's Twilight Jump

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