Paysage D'Hiver: Schnee

Paysage D&
Title: Schnee
Label: Kunsthall Produktion

Schnee ("snow") is omnipresent in the works of Swiss black metal artist Wintherr a.?k.?a.? Paysage D'Hiver and turned into a four-part song cycle, released piece by piece on the compilation LP "Wurzelgeister" ('Schnee II', 2002) and on split records with Vinterriket ('Schnee I', 2003), Nordlicht and Drudkh ('Schnee III' and 'Schnee IV', 2017). All four tracks - created within a time span of almost 20 years and dealing with different facets of the frozen element - are now available together for the first time ever on CD. They have been partly remixed and wholly remastered specially for this release. Handmade CD digibook in black, sealed envelope

1.1 Schnee I
1.2 Schnee II
1.3 Schnee III
1.4 Schnee IV

Paysage D'Hiver: Schnee

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