Pearson Perry: Run Real Fast

Pearson Perry: Run Real Fast
Title: Run Real Fast
Label: CD Baby

Georgia based singer-songwriter Pearson Perry was raised to believe that the Bible, sweet tea, and southern charm were the secrets to success and long-term happiness. She was taught there are some things you just don't say. She found herself often at odds with her desire to have an independent voice and her family's southern sensibilities. Finally, she picked up a little blue guitar and quit worrying about it. Perry's latest release, the lyric driven Run Real Fast, explores the many sides of love, loss and the importance of hope. Perry wrote these songs originally for commercial country acts while working with a Nashville publisher. However, she fell in love with the songs and used PledgeMusic, a crowd sourcing site, to raise the money to put out a collection of her favorites. While assembling the album, Perry began to realize that these songs were actually about her - despite the fact she wrote them for other artists. Perry's edgy folk-rock roots are clearly heard in her raw, emotive vocal performance making Run Real Fast sound more Alt-Country than Country. Hearing the songwriter perform her songs is a real treat for music lovers and Run Real Fast's universal subject matter will speak to a wide audience. Perry also founded and runs Atlanta Intown Songwriters. Her years with Jan Smith Studios in Atlanta showed her how tight the R&B and hip-hop community is in Atlanta but as a beginning folk-rock singer songwriter, she wasn't finding that same network. However, she did find it in Nashville and interestingly, a lot of the musicians she met in Nashville - were from Atlanta. For awhile she drove back and forth but reality soon set in. She couldn't commute for the rest of her life and it was not possible for her to relocate. A chance encounter and inspiring talk with Ashley Capps, founder of Bonneroo, changed her direction. Unlike many music industry insiders who profess doom and gloom with the changing marketplace, Capps spoke of adapting to technology and finding new opportunities. A real entrepreneur, he spoke Perry's language of independence, risk taking, and being authentic. A proud Knoxville, TN resident, he changed the world with his ideas - and yet stayed true to his hometown, a quality that Perry admires. She began to dream about creating that community in Atlanta rather than trying to fit into a community in Nashville and in May 2012, Atlanta Intown Songwriters was born. It is often said that Perry is Atlanta's ultimate indie artist. Whether performing her blend of folk rock at house concerts, writing commercial country music, giving back to her community, hosting her YouTube channel, or running Atlanta Intown Songwriters, Perry refuses to limit herself. Because of this, fans just like you are rooting her on and working to help make her dreams a reality.

1.1 Run Real Fast
1.2 I'm Not Cryin'
1.3 I'm Here
1.4 Love Is a Mountain
1.5 When Love Lived Here
1.6 Not His First
1.7 Barefoot on the Rocks

Pearson Perry: Run Real Fast

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