Pedro Del Mar: Playa Del Lounge

Pedro Del Mar: Playa Del Lounge
Title: Playa Del Lounge
Label: Black Hole

With this brand new mix compilation entitled 'Playa Del Lounge', Pedro offers a superb and tasteful blend of high quality lounge and chill out music with a strong focus on the relaxed Mediterranean and Balearic way of life, away from the big clubs. The track list contains fantastic and unique down tempo versions of 'Exhale' by System F ft Armin van Buuren, 'Blossom' by Steve Forte Rio ft JES, 'Captivity' by Danjo & aXess and many others. Pedro del Mar also features his own productions and the absolute cream of the crop of his Shah-Music label. Pedro del Mar's 'Playa Del Lounge' mix compilation will most certainly live up your get-together with friends and family while enjoying a chilled glass of wine over some stunning food and is perfect for your summery, lazy lounging days at the beach!

1.1 Playa Del Lounge [Intro Mix]
1.2 You Left [Alexi Zakharov Ambient Mix]
1.3 Rainmaker [Chillout Mix]
1.4 Exhale [Tim Besamusca's Lounge Mix]
1.5 Blossom [Lounge Mix]
1.6 Talking Eyes [Chillout Mix]
1.7 I Feel You [Chillout Mix]
1.8 Never Give Up [Adam Ellis Short Mix]
1.9 Someday [DJ Hashish's Chill Mix]
1.10 A New Beginning [Ole Van Bohm Chillout Mix]
1.11 Sunset Over Mooera [Chillout Mix]
1.12 Liquid Love [Chillout Mix]
1.13 Thinking About [Chillout Mix]
1.14 One [Original Mix]
1.15 Strange Moments [Chillout Mix]
1.16 Dance with Me [Chillout Mix]
1.17 When the Sun Goes Down [Chillout Mix]
1.18 We Remember [Chillout Mix]
1.19 Captivity [Chillout Mix]
1.20 Guilty [Cafe Del Marco Torrance Mix]
1.21 Cry [Unplugged Version] [Version]
1.22 Playa Del Lounge Continuous Mix

Pedro Del Mar: Playa Del Lounge

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