Pedro the Lion

Pedro the Lion: It's Hard To Find A Friend

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Artist: Pedro the Lion

Artist: Pedro the Lion
Title: It's Hard To Find A Friend
Product Type: VINYL LP

Under the moniker of Pedro the Lion, Bazan creates melodic pop in the vein of Bedhead, Hayden, and Sebadoh, with a lyrical focus on relationships - with both other people and God. In early 2006, Bazan retired the Pedro moniker to continue on with solo work under his own name. In December of 2017 Bazan announced that Pedro The Lion be reunited to make a new album and tour the world in 2018.

1.1 Of Up and Coming Monarchs
1.2 The Longer I Lay Here
1.3 Big Trucks
1.4 Suspect Fled the Scene
1.5 Bad Diary Days
1.6 The Longest Winter
1.7 When They Really Get to Know You They Will Run
1.8 Of Minor Prophets and Their Prostitute Wives
1.9 The Bells
1.10 Secret of the Easy Yoke
1.11 The Well
1.12 Promise

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