Pee Wee King

Pee Wee King: Blue Suede Shoes: Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Pee Wee King

Title: Blue Suede Shoes: Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight
Label: Bear Family

It's no surprise that history defines Pee Wee King and the Golden West Cowboys by their hits: The immortal "Tennessee Waltz" written in 1947 by King and singer/fiddler Redd Stewart, "Slow Poke" and "Bonaparte's Retreat". But that's not the whole story. As one of America's great country show bands, their scope encompassed Ballads, Polkas, Pop, Country and Novelties; along with driving up-tempo Blues, Rocking Country and Boogies. That flexibility pleased country fans and audiences who wouldn't go within 25 miles of a country stage show. It gave them TV stardom in Louisville, Cincinnati, Cleveland and Chicago in the 1950s and a short lived 1955 ABC network program. This great set offers 30 blazing samples of Pee Wee and the Cowboys at their hottest, including 1947's furious "Ten Gallon Boogie", their takes on the 1950 Johnnie Lee Wills hit "Rag Mop", "Birmingham Bounce" and the "Dragnet" TV theme and many more plus an essay by Rich Kienzle.

1.1 Blue Suede Shoes
1.2 Dragnet
1.3 Oh Monah
1.4 Steel Guitar Rag
1.5 Rag Mop
1.6 Forty Nine Women
1.7 Woodchopper's Ball
1.8 I Don't Mind
1.9 Bull Fiddle Boogie
1.10 Catty Town
1.11 Chew Tobacco Rag
1.12 Congratulations Joe
1.13 Ricochet
1.14 Blame Is All on Nashville
1.15 Plantation Boogie
1.16 Ten Gallon Boogie
1.17 Rootie Tootie
1.18 Unbreakable Heart
1.19 Tweedle Dee
1.20 Mop Rag Boogie
1.21 Ballroom Baby
1.22 Birmingham Bounce
1.23 Hoot Scoot
1.24 Oh Mis' Rable Love
1.25 Railroad Boogie
1.26 You Can't Hardly Get Them No More
1.27 The Ghost and Honest Joe
1.28 Half a Dozen Boogie
1.29 Why Don't Y'all Go Home?
1.30 Flying Home

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