Peggy Lee

Peggy Lee: Echo Painting

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Peggy Lee

Title: Echo Painting
Label: Songlines

Vancouver improvising cellist Peggy Lee's new 10-piece project features veteran players (Brad Turner, Jon Bentley, Dylan van der Schyff) and great younger improvisers (Pugs and Crows' Cole Schmidt & Meredith Bates) in a suite of her achingly beautiful original compositions - plus guest vocalist Robin Holcomb on The Band's "Unfaithful Servant". Multi-layered, textually varied and melodically rich.

1.1 Incantation
1.2 Out on a Limb
1.3 A Strange Visit
1.4 Nice Collection
1.5 Snappy
1.6 Painting Echoes
1.7 Foreground
1.8 The Hidden Piece
1.9 Hymn
1.10 WB Intro
1.11 Weather Building
1.12 End Piece
1.13 The Unfaithful Servant

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