Peggy March

Peggy March: If You Loved Me: RCA Recordings From Around The World 1963-1969

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Peggy March

Title: If You Loved Me: RCA Recordings From Around The World 1963-1969
Label: Ace

UK collection. When her recording of 'I Will Follow Him' reached #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 in 1963, 15 year-old Peggy March became the youngest-ever female singer to top the pop charts. While her time as a US chart star was brief (four more hits over the next year), Peggy remained an RCA artist until 1969, releasing dozens of terrific records along the way - following which she based her career in Germany, where she had become particularly popular. Compiled by Mick Patrick, this collection comprises 26 of the finest tracks from Peggy's 1960s output, including numbers by some of the greatest songwriters of the era; titles recorded in Japan, Italy, Germany, France and the Netherlands; and many overlooked gems. Highlights include 'Try To See It My Way', written by Bacharach & David; 'If You Loved Me', a song more familiar as the instrumental 'Soul Coaxing'; 'Passo Su Passo', arranged and conducted by Ennio Morricone; and 'Leave Me Alone', penned by the pre-fame Randy Newman. Along with an array of photos and memorabilia, the booklet features notes by Sheryl Farber, with track reminiscences in Peggy's own words.

1.1 If You Loved Me
1.2 This Heart Wasn't Made to Kick Around
1.3 He Couldn't Care Less
1.4 He's Back Again
1.5 Thinking Through My Tears
1.6 Fool Fool Fool (Look in the Mirror)
1.7 Losin' My Touch
1.8 Try to See It My Way
1.9 Aren't You Glad
1.10 Let Me Down Hard
1.11 Can't Stop Thinkin' About Him
1.12 Leave Me Alone
1.13 Only You Could Do That to My Heart
1.14 Watch What You Do with My Baby
1.15 Johnny Cool
1.16 Catchin' on Fast - with Bennie Thomas
1.17 (I'm Watching) Every Little Move You Make
1.18 Kilindini Docks (Madi-Madi Song)
1.19 Too Long Away
1.20 Passo Su Passo
1.21 Eh, Bravo
1.22 Ne Joue Pas Les Enfants
1.23 Male Nicht Den Teufel An Die Wand
1.24 Itsuwari No Koi
1.25 I Will Follow Him
1.26 Wasurenaiwa (I'll Never Forget You)

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