Peggy Seeger

Peggy Seeger: Bring Me Home

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Artist: Peggy Seeger

Artist: Peggy Seeger
Title: Bring Me Home

Another release by folk legen and member of the famed Seeger clan, BRING ME HOME concludes the trilogy of Cds of traditional folk songs recorded in England with her two sons and daughter (her children with the late and great Scottish folk legend Ewan MacColl) - the first two parts of the trilogy being HEADING FOR HOME and LOVE CALL ME HOME.

1.1 Peacock Street
1.2 Hang Me
1.3 Wagoner's Lead
1.4 Napoleon
1.5 Molly Band
1.6 Roving Gambler
1.7 Newlyn Town
1.8 Dink's Song
1.9 Little Birdie
1.10 Let Them Wear Their Watches Fine
1.11 O the Wind and Rain
1.12 Home, Dearie, Home
1.13 Bring Me Home

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