Peggy Seeger

Peggy Seeger: From Where I Stand: Topical Songs from America

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Peggy Seeger

Title: From Where I Stand: Topical Songs from America
Label: Folkways Records

From where Peegy Seeger stood, "[she] had to start looking for roots." After many years of living in the United Kingdom, Seeger found that she had stopped singing many of the traditional banjo tunes that she had included in her repertoire for years. In looking for a reconnection to American music, she discovered the contemporary topical song which she sings on this album. The search did not bring Seeger back exclusively to American song rather it helped forge a stronger connection between the songs of both her homes.

1.1 Up in Wisconsin
1.2 Draglines
1.3 Voices from the Mountains
1.4 Please Mr. Reagan
1.5 Grape Pickers Tragedy
1.6 Take the Children and Run
1.7 Third Shift
1.8 Cargo of Dread
1.9 Black Lung
1.10 Taft-Hartley
1.11 Aragon Mill
1.12 Agent Orange
1.13 Enough Is Enough
1.14 Thoughts of Time

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