Pelt: Techeod

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Pelt

Title: Techeod
Label: VHF Records

Pelt's mix of traditional (acoustic instruments, folk and ethnic music) and contemporary (about one million super-weird noise and avant-garde records) reaches a peak on Techeod (pronounced Teyhood). Using tambourine, guitar, violin, tabla, banjo, flute, lap steel, oscillator, voice, organ and a variety of other instruments both conventional and homemade, Pelt issues forth a massive and extraordinary gust of sound. Recorded both at home and live in Washington, DC, it's a sound extravaganza complete with Indian-inspired modal trance, wall-of-sound layered melodica, and tape-loop exotica in the vein of compositional explorers like Terry Riley and Steve Reich.

1.1 New Delhi Blues
1.2 Big Walker Mountain Tunnel
1.3 Mu Mesons

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