Penelope Trappes

Penelope Trappes: Carry Me

$8.18 $9.98

Artist: Penelope Trappes
Title: Carry Me
Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE

Following her debut Penelope One (OMLP 011LP, 2017) and ahead of the forthcoming Penelope Two (HTH 105CD/LP, 2018), London-based vocalist and musician Penelope Trappes releases a limited 7", Carry Me. Despite it's dark and dramatic funereal march, lyrically Carry Me is positive, exploring a subliminal knowingness that love is the only guide through life. A key influence on Trappes is former Wire front-man Colin Newman, and she remixes his "I Can Hear Your?" on the B-side. Includes CD with Abul Mogard remix.

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