Pennywise: Unknown Road

Pennywise: Unknown Road
Title: Unknown Road
Label: Epitaph

On UNKNOWN ROAD Pennywise step up their songwriting maintaining all their fury and intensity and layout their philosophy of independence and the importance of daring to live every moment to it's fullest. Features such classics as "Homesick," "Unknown Road," "It's Up to Me" and "you Can Demand". Arguably the quintessential So Cal hardcore record of the 90s.

1.1 Unknown Road
1.2 Homesick
1.3 Time to Burn
1.4 It's Up to Me
1.5 You Can Demand
1.6 Nothing
1.7 Vices
1.8 City Is Burning
1.9 Dying to Know
1.10 Tester
1.11 Try to Conform
1.12 Give and Get
1.13 Clear Your Head
1.14 [Untitled Track]

Pennywise: Unknown Road

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