Pentimento: I, No Longer (White with Dark Blue & Yellow Twister)

$17.18 $19.98
Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Pentimento

Title: I, No Longer (White with Dark Blue & Yellow Twister)
Label: Bad Timing Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited white, blue, and yellow colored vinyl LP pressing. I, No Longer is Pentimento's second full-length album. It followed their self-titled debut LP and their Inside The Sea 10". Originally released in October 2015, the album was re-pressed for it's five-year anniversary in fall 2020.

1.1 Small Talk for Strangers
1.2 My Solution Is in the Lake
1.3 Sink or Swim
1.4 Clever Reason
1.5 Stuck Forever
1.6 Got My Answer
1.7 Again
1.8 Gateway
1.9 Tiger Eye
1.10 Slow But Sure
1.11 No Matter What
1.12 Tell Me

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