Pete Flesh Deathtrip

Pete Flesh Deathtrip: Svartnad

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Artist: Pete Flesh Deathtrip
Title: Svartnad
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. The traditional Swedish death metal sound and attitude is of course dominant on this recording, but TPFDT brings a lot more to the table, both sonically and aesthetically. Doomy parts fit the lyrical themes of introvert darkness and despair perfectly, and the furious, fast parts lend from Black Metal territories. All these elements are woven together with interesting song writing and a rare sense of melancholic melody that never gets predictable or stale. The material on Svartnad was composed and written during 2014-2015 by Pete Flesh, who also handles all lead vocals and all guitars and bass. The drums and backing vocals were skillfully handled by Henrik Borg (100 Years, Satureye).

1.1 In Ruinam Iniquitas
1.2 Burial Shore
1.3 All the Serpents
1.4 The Sun Will Fail
1.5 Melting the Frost from Your Eyes
1.6 The Winter of the Wolves
1.7 She Dwells Into the Dark
1.8 Svartnad

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