Pete Seeger: Gazette, Vol. 1

Pete Seeger: Gazette, Vol. 1
Title: Gazette, Vol. 1
Label: Folkways Records

Twenty topical songs demonstrate that American folk music is still a living, vital, creative force, and can say as much about life today as it does about the past. Pretty Boy Floyd may be dead and gone, but his ballad still provides commentary on the penal system; likewise, "Forty-Two Kids," about school overcrowding, remains relevant.

1.1 Pretty Boy Floyd
1.2 Banks of Marble
1.3 The Tva Song
1.4 Martian Love Song
1.5 42 Kids
1.6 State of Arkansas (My Name Is Terry Roberts)
1.7 Declaration of Independence
1.8 The Wild West Is Where I Want to Be
1.9 The Ballad of Sherman Wu
1.10 Roll on Columbia
1.11 The Sinking of the Reuben James
1.12 Then We'll Have Peace
1.13 The Scaler
1.14 Newspapermen
1.15 Talking Atom (Old Man Atom)
1.16 Teacher's Blues
1.17 The Demi Song
1.18 The Battle of Maxton Field
1.19 Doctor Freud
1.20 There Is Mean Things Happening in This Land

Pete Seeger: Gazette, Vol. 1

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