Peter Bellamy: Oak Ash & the Thorn

Peter Bellamy: Oak Ash & the Thorn
Title: Oak Ash & the Thorn
Label: Talking Elephant

Digitally remastered edition of this 1970 album from the British Folk singer/songwriter. Oak Ash & Thorn is a collection of songs from the "Puck" stories by Rudyard Kipling, set and performed in the traditional idiom by Peter Bellamy. Bellamy started his exploration of Kipling as a source for songs, from Kipling's Children's books, (Puck of Pooks Hill and Rewards and Fairies) from which he produced two albums, Oak Ash and Thorn and Merlyn's Isle of Gramarye. Talking Elephant.

1.1 Frankie's Trade
1.2 Poor Honest Men
1.3 Cold Iron
1.4 Sir Richard's Song
1.5 The Looking Glass
1.6 Oak, Ash ; Thorn (A Tree Song)
1.7 King Henry VII and the Shipwrights
1.8 The Brookland Road
1.9 A Three Part Song
1.10 The Ballad of Minepit Shaw
1.11 Our Fathers of Old
1.12 Philadelphia

Peter Bellamy: Oak Ash & the Thorn

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