Peter Gabriel

Peter Gabriel: New Blood

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Peter Gabriel

Artist: Peter Gabriel
Title: New Blood

The Deluxe Edition includes a bonus instrumental CD, plus bonus song "Blood of Eden".

1.1 The Rhythm of the Heat
1.2 Downside Up
1.3 San Jacinto
1.4 Intruder
1.5 Wallflower
1.6 In Your Eyes
1.7 Mercy Street
1.8 Red Rain
1.9 Darkness
1.10 Don't Give Up
1.11 Digging in the Dirt
1.12 The Nest That Sailed the Sky
1.13 A Quiet Moment
1.14 Solsbury Hill
2.1 The Rhythm of the Heat [Instrumental] [Instrumental]
2.2 Downside Up [Instrumental] [Instrumental]
2.3 San Jacinto [Instrumental] [Instrumental]
2.4 Intruder [Instrumental] [Instrumental]
2.5 Wallflower [Instrumental] [Instrumental]
2.6 In Your Eyes [Instrumental] [Instrumental]
2.7 Mercy Street [Instrumental] [Instrumental]
2.8 Red Rain [Instrumental] [Instrumental]
2.9 Darkness [Instrumental] [Instrumental]
2.10 Don't Give Up [Instrumental] [Instrumental]
2.11 Digging in the Dirt [Instrumental] [Instrumental]
2.12 The Nest That Sailed the Sky [Instrumental] [Instrumental]
2.13 Blood of Eden [Studio Track] [Version]

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