Peter Garland

Peter Garland: String Quartets

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Artist: Peter Garland

Artist: Peter Garland
Title: String Quartets

1.1 Rondeau "Nouveau"
1.2 Like An Elegant Slow Dance
1.3 Back to the 14th Century
1.4 To the Memory of Dane Rudhyar
1.5 Son Huasteco (For Jim Tenney); a Walk in the White Place (For Ann Holloway)
1.6 Like a Simple Indian Dance - Elegant and Eloquent; "Look This Outrage in the Eye and Pout on the Da
1.7 Sado
1.8 Mori (The Blind Courtesan and Singer Who Became Ikkyu's Lover)
1.9 Sueã±O en Rio Grande (Title of a Song By Las Hermanas Padilla)
1.10 Blues for Helena
1.11 From the Mountains, Returning to the City (Title of a Poem By Ikkyu)

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