Peter Garland

Peter Garland: String Quartets

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Peter Garland

Title: String Quartets
Label: Cold Blue Label

1.1 Rondeau "Nouveau"
1.2 Like An Elegant Slow Dance
1.3 Back to the 14th Century
1.4 To the Memory of Dane Rudhyar
1.5 Son Huasteco (For Jim Tenney); a Walk in the White Place (For Ann Holloway)
1.6 Like a Simple Indian Dance - Elegant and Eloquent; "Look This Outrage in the Eye and Pout on the Da
1.7 Sado
1.8 Mori (The Blind Courtesan and Singer Who Became Ikkyu's Lover)
1.9 Sueã±O en Rio Grande (Title of a Song By Las Hermanas Padilla)
1.10 Blues for Helena
1.11 From the Mountains, Returning to the City (Title of a Poem By Ikkyu)

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