Peter Janovsky

Peter Janovsky: Winners and Losers: Campaign Songs 2

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Peter Janovsky

Title: Winners and Losers: Campaign Songs 2
Label: Folkways Records

This album features campaign songs and slogans from U.S. presidential campaigns between 1876 and 1976. High school teacher and folk singer Peter Janovsky performs all the songs on this collection, including campaign versions of "I'm Just Wild about Harry [Truman]" and "High Hopes." Liner notes by Janovsky provide extensive historical information on the elections during this formative period in American history as well as song lyrics.

1.1 It Won't Go Down at All (Bryan)
1.2 No Crown of Thorns, No Cross of Gold (Bryan)
1.3 Poor Little Orator Boy (McKinley)
1.4 William Will (McKinley)
1.5 Bring Your Houn (Clark)
1.6 Get on the Raft with Taft (Taft)
1.7 We're Ready for Teddy Again (T. Rosevelt)
1.8 That's All (Wilson)
1.9 Campaign Song Medley
1.10 Brother Can You Spare a Dime?
1.11 Row, Row, Row with Roosevelt / Happy Days Are Here Again (F. Roosevelt) - (Medley)
1.12 What, No Mickey Mouse (Hoover)
1.13 Roosevelt, Garner and Me (F. Roosevelt)
1.14 The Same Merry Go-Round (Wallace)
1.15 Do, Do, Do with Dewey (Dewey)
1.16 Pollster's Song (Truman)
1.17 I'm Just Wild About Harry (Truman)
1.18 Go, Go, Go Republican (Nixon)
1.19 High Hopes (Kennedy)
1.20 I'm Feeling Good About America (Ford)
1.21 Me Siento Tan Bien en Cuanto a Am?Rica (Ford)
1.22 Why Not the Best (Carter)

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