Peterson,Oscar / Brown,Ray / Jones, Sam

Peterson,Oscar / Brown,Ray / Jones, Sam: Oscar Peterson: Exclusively for My Friends

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Product Type: CD

Title: Oscar Peterson: Exclusively for My Friends
Label: Mps-Jazz

For the first time, the legendary recording sessions the Oscar Peterson Trio made in the living room of the legendary German jazz label MPS founder Hans Georg Brunner-Schwer are released in an 8 CD box set. The collection combines six original releases with two collections of "Lost Tapes" released here for the first time. Painstakingly re-mastered, the analog atmosphere of the living room of the jazz-loving millionaire and record label owner is made palpable with these sessions that showcase the genius of Peterson in a rare performing environment. Included in the box set is a 60 page booklet containing interviews with Brunner-Schwer's son Andreas and the music journalist Siegfried Schmidt-Joos who provide first-hand insight into the atmosphere in Brunner-Schwer's Black Forest villa.

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