Phantom V: Play To Win

Phantom V: Play To Win
Title: Play To Win
Label: Vinyl Eck
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing in gatefold jacket. Phantom 5 is back! After the success of their self-titled debut album, the brainchild of producer/guitarist (and for this record, bassist) Michael Voss and vocalist Claus Lessmann have returned with yet another incredible outing of impeccable German melodic hard rock! Once again joined by Robert Boebel on guitars and keyboards and Axel Kruse on drums, these fist pumping anthems will tickle the eardrums of any connoisseur of melodic hard rock. Originally born as Supremacy, the band decided to change their name to Phantom 5 before recording their debut album for release last year. It had been a long time since the public had heard a melodic hard rock record this good coming from Germany! Mixing influences from the cream of the crop of German melodic hard rock bands, but with Michael and Claus' unique stamp on it, the debut was met with rave reviews across the board. After the success of that album, Michael and Claus knew it was a no-brainer to follow it up with an even more inspired outing and that is exactly what they've done here. Play To Win does exactly what the title says!

1.1 The Change in You
1.2 Crossfire
1.3 Baptised
1.4 Read Your Mind
1.5 Play to Win
1.6 Child Soldiers
1.7 Do You Believe in Love
1.8 Phantom Child
1.9 Had Enuff
1.10 Shadows Dance
1.11 Reach Out

Phantom V: Play To Win

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