Phil Ochs: Live Again

Phil Ochs: Live Again
Title: Live Again
Label: Rockbeat Records

Phil Ochs was a topical songwriter who was at the forefront of the folk music scene in the 1960'S-70'S. In the spring of 1973, he made a small U.S. tour that among other shows, included this stop at The Stables in East Lansing Michigan. This previously unreleased recording sparkles in performance and recording. It features a mix of tunes through the entirety of Phil's career in a generous program of eighteen songs. The disc also features Ballad of a Carpenter recorded in March of 1974 in Chicago. It is amazing that this gem of a recording has taken over forty years to be officially released

1.1 The Bells
1.2 Flower Lady
1.3 I'm Going to Say It Now
1.4 There But for Fortune
1.5 Outside of a Small Circle of Friends
1.6 I Ain't Marching Anymore
1.7 Changes
1.8 Here's to the State of Richard Nixon
1.9 The Highwayman
1.10 Santo Domingo
1.11 Chords of Fame
1.12 Boy in Ohio
1.13 Pretty Smart on My Part
1.14 Crucifixion
1.15 Is There Anybody Here?
1.16 Power and the Glory
1.17 Pleasures of the Harbor
1.18 The Party
1.19 Ballad of the Carpenter

Phil Ochs: Live Again

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