Phil Seymour

Phil Seymour: Phil Seymour - Archive Series Volume1

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Artist: Phil Seymour

Artist: Phil Seymour
Title: Phil Seymour - Archive Series Volume1

Digitally remastered and expanded edition of the 1980 debut album from the Power Pop singer, songwriter and musician, best known for his work with the Dwight Twilley Band. The original album is now joined by 10 bonus tracks on this special release. When the Twilley Band petered out, Seymour gathered enough material to snag his own label deal, this time with his name out front. The album's first single, 'Precious To Me', landed in the Top 25 at the beginning of 1981, and it is a snappy delight. The lighthearted music is serious stuff crafted from the bubblegum school, but with an edge and without all the angst Nick Lowe would inject. 'Baby It's You' isn't the Shirelles/Beatles song, but rather a driving, jangly statement of immediate love from Seymour.

1.1 Precious to Me 2:51
1.2 I Found a Love 3:31
1.3 Love You So Much 2:30
1.4 Baby It's You 3:00
1.5 Let Her Dance 3:02
1.6 Then We Go Up 2:25
1.7 Do Not Blow Your Life Away 3:11
1.8 We Do Not Get Along 2:46
1.9 Trying to Get to You 3:17
1.10 I Really Love You 4:00
1.11 Will Not Finish Here 2:47
1.12 Looking for the Magic 3:01
1.13 How About You 3:02
1.14 I'll Be Waiting 3:47
1.15 I Found a Love 3:33
1.16 Love You So Much 2:20
1.17 Baby It's You 2:59
1.18 Then We Go Up 2:23
1.19 Do Not Blow Your Life Away 2:57
1.20 We Do Not Get Along 2:45
1.21 I Really Love You 4:24
1.22 Will Not Finish Here 2:48

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