Philippe Besombes: Libra - Un Film Du Groupe Pattern

Philippe Besombes: Libra - Un Film Du Groupe Pattern
Title: Libra - Un Film Du Groupe Pattern
Label: Purple Pyramid
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited blue vinyl LP reissue of the incredible experimental soundtrack from one of France's pioneers of electronic ambient music, Philippe Besombes. Philippe Besombes was commissioned by the filmmakers' collective Pattern to write and record a soundtrack for their 1973 project, Libra. The young electronician dove in headfirst, and the resulting LP released in 1974 is a testimonial to the flurry of ideas Besombes - and the filmmakers - had. Fragmented into 17 short episodes, mostly in the one- to three- minute range, the music touches bases with dozens of styles, from acid rock to musique concrète, from country to Stockhausen. Besombes was a Ph.D. student with an abiding interest in contemporary electro-acoustic music, an interest that led him to collaborate and play with Jean Michel Jarre, Jean-Francois Dessoliers (as PJF) and Jean-Louis Rizet (as Pole).

1.1 1. La Plage
1.2 2. Rugby
1.3 3. Thème Grave
1.4 4. Ballade en Vélo
1.5 5. Les Diapos
1.6 6. Cérémonie
1.7 7. Jaune
1.8 8. PJF 261
1.9 9. Raggacountry
1.10 10. Boogimmick
1.11 1. Hache 06
1.12 2. Appel de Libra
1.13 3. Poursuite
1.14 4. La Ville
1.15 5. Les Cosmonautes
1.16 6. Avécandista
1.17 7. Tis a Song

Philippe Besombes: Libra - Un Film Du Groupe Pattern

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