The Phoenix Foundation: Buffalo

Phoenix Foundation: Buffalo
Title: Buffalo
Label: EMI

Fourth album from Wellington's favorite beardies. 'Buffalo' is the sound of a band really at home in their own skin. There's an effortless and relaxed air about the songwriting and recording - like they know they don't have to try to impress anyone but themselves. That trademark upbeat, sunny charm the band has been pedaling since bursting onto the scene with their debut 2002 'Horsepower' is still present. Now more fully developed and instinctive, freeing them up to try new things and experiment with new sounds. It's quite a downbeat affair on the whole, but this only serves to make the louder moments even more bombastic. It's really nice to hear some pretty furious guitar dueling in places too (on the title track and 'Flock of Hearts' in particular). Even though 'Pot' is essentially only one idea repeated, it could be the catchiest song they've ever written. Like the last half of 'Hey Jude', it's catchy vocal refrain will no doubt have the crowds chanting along. Probably their most consistent record yet.

1.1 Eventually
1.2 Buffalo
1.3 Flock of Hearts
1.4 Pot
1.5 Bitte Bitte
1.6 Skeleton
1.7 Orange ; Mango
1.8 Bailey's Beach
1.9 Wonton
1.10 Golden Ship
1.11 [CD-ROM Track] [Multimedia Track]

The Phoenix Foundation: Buffalo

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