Phono-Comb: Fresh Gasoline

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Artist: Phono-Comb

Artist: Phono-Comb
Title: Fresh Gasoline

Or. Release ' 96, sole album form the project of Jad Fair (Half Japanese), Don Poylke, Reid Diamond (both Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet), Produced by Steve Albini.

1.1 Enchanté
1.2 Grip 'N' Grin
1.3 I Dreamed I Went to Heaven in My Cross-Your-Heart-Bra
1.4 The Crass and the Switchblade
1.5 Pummelled
1.6 The Lyon Game
1.7 Phonebone
1.8 Virgo on Mars
1.9 At the Niteclub
1.10 Marvin
1.11 Burnt Down with Feedback
1.12 In Touch with Stockholm
1.13 Sparkling Agenda
1.14 Clogs from the Crypt
1.15 Cliffhanger
1.16 International Anthem (A Simulation of Assimilation)
1.17 Here Come the Warm Jets
1.18 It's a Long Way Back
1.19 Beatles Record

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