Pied Piper Players / Cavaliers

Pied Piper Players / Cavaliers: Bari Sax / We Go Together

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Artist: Pied Piper Players / Cavaliers
Title: Bari Sax / We Go Together
Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE

The true identity of Joseph Douglas may never be known. His is a nom de chant on this very early Pied Piper production, created somewhere between Detroit and Philadelphia. It is a more soulful vocal than the issued Joe Douglas Playhouse release and will be treasured by Detroit soul enthusiasts. The Hesitations is the 45 version of the classic Northern Soul song, re-serviced after it's deletion.

1.1 The Bari Sax - the Pied Piper Players
1.2 We Go Together - the Cavaliers

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