Piero Umiliani: Gli Italiani E L'industria (original Soundtrack)

Piero Umiliani: Gli Italiani E L&
Title: Gli Italiani E L'industria (original Soundtrack)
Label: Four Flies Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited 180gm vinyl LP pressing. From the legendary Omicron label's secret archives, one of the rarest and nearly impossible to find album by Piero Umiliani. Gli italiani e l'industria is the soundtrack of a mysterious TV documentary by Romolo Marcellini broadcasted in 1967 - and never shown again - which was focused on virtue and vice of Italian post-economic boom industrialization. The music perfectly reflects the contrasts of the Italian society of that period, equally divided by consumerism and alienation, with a number of tracks deliberately easy-jazz and pop-beat on the one hand (with gorgeous ballads for vibraphone and killer organ tracks), and on the other with a bounce of compositions ultra-jazz, close to free jazz, with electronics and avant-garde solutions that Umiliani will explore completely in the further years. An essential album of easy-listening and experimental sound, necessary to comprehend the richness of a genius of Italian soundtracks.

1.1 Andiamo a Spasso
1.2 Ballata Western
1.3 Tempo Di Week-End
1.4 Playtime
1.5 Natascia
1.6 Music Box
1.7 Troppo Pigro
1.8 Negozi Alla Moda
1.9 Microracing
1.10 Automatismo
1.11 Calcolatori Elettronica
1.12 Cibernetica
1.13 Coltura Virus
1.14 Ferrovia Sotterranea
1.15 Bolidi Al Collaudo
1.16 Rally Notturno

Piero Umiliani: Gli Italiani E L'industria (original Soundtrack)

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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