Pima Express

Pima Express: Nothing Special

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Pima Express

Artist: Pima Express
Title: Nothing Special

For over two decades, Pima Express has been crisscrossing the Southwest bringing their blend of country, rock and chicken scratch (the popular dance music of the Native peoples of southern Arizona) to audiences both on and off reservation communities. Hailing from the Gila River Reservation, Pima Express present some of their best and newest songs ni their own rockin' style.

1.1 Nothing Special
1.2 Don't Let Go
1.3 Never on a Sunday
1.4 Sarah
1.5 The Wolf
1.6 Lonesome Cowboy
1.7 Hearts on Fire
1.8 Guitar Roulette
1.9 Dreams Die Hard
1.10 Cumbia with Me
1.11 Party at the Sage
1.12 Aji Two Step
1.13 Take These Chains

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