Pink Lincolns

Pink Lincolns: Back from the Pink Room

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Pink Lincolns

Artist: Pink Lincolns
Title: Back from the Pink Room

Not sure where to begin with this one. If you aren't familiar with the Pink Lincolns, crawl back into your hole. This is 80s, hardcore, FL Punk Rock at it's undisputed best. Ask anyone about the Pink Lincolns, and you're bound to get story after story of how they inspired whole generations of Punk Rock. This is a very high quality remaster/re-issue of their long OOP EBay gem, Back From the Pink Room with original artwork updated to front man Chris Barrows' wishes. This is probably the best re-master/re-mix job we have ever done. Taken from the dusty tapes of 1987, with some very rare bonus tracks tossed in for good measure, and pressed on 180 gram vinyl and CD formats

1.1 Miami
1.2 I've Got My Tie on
1.3 I'm So Polite
1.4 Temporary Friends
1.5 Age
1.6 I've Got a Gun
1.7 Man's Best Friend
1.8 Suburbicide
1.9 Victim's Rights
1.10 Not for Sale
1.11 Black Circles
1.12 Bad T.V
1.13 Velvet Elvis
1.14 Fuck Sex
1.15 Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting

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