Pino Donaggio

Pino Donaggio: Blow Out (Original Soundtrack).

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Pino Donaggio

Artist: Pino Donaggio
Title: Blow Out (Original Soundtrack).

1.1 Theme from Blow Out
1.2 Jack Saves Sally
1.3 Hospital to Motel
1.4 Jack on the Move
1.5 Jack Cuts Pictures
1.6 Freddie Is Miked/Freddie and the Mobsters/Dead Freddie
1.7 Jack and Sally in Café #2/ Burke Kills Redhead
1.8 Jack Discovers Gunshot
1.9 Jack Hides the Tape An Film
1.10 Burke at Phone Booth /Burke ; Manners/Evil Burke #1
1.11 Sally Slugs Karp
1.12 Evil Burke #1*/Jack on Phone to Donahue/Burke Calls Sally
1.13 Burke to Phone Booth/Burke Kills Hooker
1.14 Sally to Station
1.15 Burke Meets Sally/Jack Runs Through Station/ Runs After Sally
1.16 Car Through Glass Window
1.17 Burke Kills Sally
1.18 Jack Kills Burke
1.19 Good Scream-End Credits

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