Pipes You See, Pipes You Don't: Lost in the Pancakes

Pipes You See, Pipes You Don&
Title: Lost in the Pancakes
Label: Cloud Recordings

Lost in the Pancakes was recorded at home over the last few years by Peter Erchick of the Olivia Tremor Control, Circulatory System, the Instruments, the Wedding Band, among others. It is the follow up to his albums Individualized Shirts and Special Fanfare for Anything. Largely a solo effort (Erchick plays most of the instruments including piano, other keyboards, guitar, bass, percussion etc.), there are also contributions from Elephant 6 cohorts John Fernandes, Eric Harris, Bill Doss, Heather McIntosh, Derek Almstead, Robbie Cucchiaro, Heather Heyn, and Emily Growden.

1.1 Lost in the Pancakes
1.2 Wake Myself to Sleep
1.3 The Train in the Station
1.4 Refused
1.5 Dream Together
1.6 Days Remain
1.7 I Disappear
1.8 Nothing for Sunday
1.9 Precious One
1.10 The Next Anything

Pipes You See, Pipes You Don't: Lost in the Pancakes

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