Pisces: A Lovely Sight

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Artist: Pisces

Artist: Pisces
Title: A Lovely Sight

Their sound takes US to the SF of Jefferson Airplane, the NY of Velvet Underground and the London of the Who, but Pisces came from Rockford, IL. Shot through with reverb, found audio, fuzz guitar and warped vocals, this is a haunting ride-and an unissued LP! This 1969 rarity includes Dear One; Motley Mary Ann; the Music Box; Sam, and more.

1.1 Dear One
1.2 Children Kiss Your Mother Goodnight
1.3 Motley Mary Ann
1.4 Say Goodbye to John
1.5 Mary
1.6 Genesis II
1.7 Sam
1.8 The Music Box
1.9 Like a Hole in the Wall Where the Rat Lives
1.10 Are You Changing in Your Time
1.11 In the Dreams of Paula
1.12 Elephant Eyes
1.13 Circle of Time
1.14 A Flower for All Seasons
1.15 In the Summer the Grape Grows

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